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Chemás Asociados specializes in offering effective solutions to our clients' legal challenges, thanks to our experience and approach to address each of the situations raised by those who consult us or require our legal representation.

We approach each case presented by our clients with a meticulous and strategic approach, conducting a thorough analysis of the legal situation and background of the case to fully understand all the facets and complexities involved. We then develop sound and effective legal strategies that are tailored to the specific needs and objectives of our clients.


Our team has extensive experience and a successful track record in the legal representation of national and foreign corporations.


Each member of our team is committed to providing exceptional service of the highest quality.


We propose legal strategies and individualized services that help prevent and/or resolve a legal conflict.

Colombia Law Firm: Specialties


We have extensive and successful experience in representing clients before national and international arbitration tribunals.


A long history and successful participation in legal representation in Bogotá and throughout Colombia.

State Contracting and Project Consulting

Advice to contractors during the structuring, planning, bidding and execution of state contracts.

Public and Administrative Law

Processes of a public and administrative nature, advising and representing our clients in any litigation.

Private Contracting

Advice and support in the execution of typical, atypical, civil and commercial contracts.

Corporate, Commercial and Business Law

Strategic orientation in associative forms and business responsibilities.

Fiscal Responsibility

Advice and representation before control entities such as the Comptroller General of the Republic and territorial comptrollers.

Negotiations and Litigation Prevention

Specialized services in dispute prevention and alternative dispute resolution.

New York Office

This office will be led by our prominent partner Sergio Alejandro Chemás Vélez, member of the New York Bar. Together with our passionate team at Chemás & Asociados, we will offer comprehensive advice covering a wide range of legal and professional services, both nationally and internationally.
This initiative will strengthen our ability to provide comprehensive legal solutions to our clients, guaranteeing a quality service backed by the experience and knowledge of our team in the U.S. and Colombian jurisdictions. We are committed to excellence and the satisfaction of our clients, offering effective responses to their local and international legal needs.

Chemás & Asociados has made the strategic decision to establish an office in New York City with the purpose of offering comprehensive advice to our clients, both nationally and internationally.

Economic sectors

Quality legal services

Our team of highly skilled lawyers works closely with clients to present strong arguments, gather relevant evidence and conduct negotiations when necessary. In addition, we are committed to maintaining clear and open communication with our clients at every stage of the legal process to ensure that they are informed and feel supported at all times. Ultimately, our goal is to achieve successful outcomes for our clients, whether through out-of-court settlements, favorable resolutions in arbitration or judicial office, or any other appropriate means to resolve the case satisfactorily.

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Our clients choose Chemás Asociados for several fundamental reasons. Our firm has a team of highly qualified and experienced attorneys who provide exceptional service and successful results in a wide range of legal areas. In addition, we stand out for our client-centered approach, where each case is approached in a personalized manner and with attention to the specific details of each situation. We are committed to providing transparent, ethical and reliable service at all times, which has led to strong and long-lasting relationships with our clients. In short, our clients choose Chemás Asociados because they trust our ability to provide effective legal solutions, backed by exceptional service and an unwavering commitment to their satisfaction and success.


“Working with Chemás & Asociados was an exceptional experience.”
“Their highly competent legal team provided us with comprehensive advice on all legal aspects of our construction projects.”
“His personalized approach and deep knowledge of the construction industry allowed us to avoid legal issues and achieve successful results.”
“Their knowledge and comprehensive advice have helped us comply with ever-changing regulations and standards.”
“Chemás & Asociados has become our trusted legal partner.”
“Their team of lawyers specialized in the technology sector has been essential for the development and protection of our mobile applications.”
“Their strategic advice and personalized attention have helped us comply with legal requirements and ensure the protection of our intellectual property assets.”
“Estamos muy satisfechos con los servicios de Chemás & Asociados y los recomendamos sin dudarlo.”
“I would recommend Chemás & Asociados to any company that needs reliable and quality legal services.”
“His ability to represent us in legal disputes and administrative proceedings has been impressive. We are very grateful for their dedication and professionalism.”

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